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General Construction

Norcon Construction Ltd offer a wide range of civil engineering and infrastructure projects both on a stand-alone basis and to complement other service offerings. No job is too small, and we can provide all aspects of Roads & Sewer works as well as Groundworks. Our services often extend throughout the development and into the surrounding infrastructure.

Our broad services have been carefully mastered over the past 50 years.  As a client you can be confident that we can support you through all stages and eventualities of your development. Our services in this area include.

Building for a Better Future

Our approach ensures that we continually strive to improve, learn and develop our constructive techniques. This starts with our directors and goes straight through to our construction team. Our aim is to provide services that provide effective solutions for our customers including and not limited to Piling and temporary piling mats, Attenuation, Soakaways, Swales and Balancing ponds, Retaining and Screen Wall, Section 278 works and Section 38 works.

The local approach

For Norcon Construction Ltd customers, their project is at the centre stage for our team, as is our knowledge of their local community requirements, rather than being lost as a small part of national structure. In doing so we promise to provide innovative works in Infrastructure, Over-sites, Thrust boring, Road Widening, Substation Bases, Pump station works and much more.

Zero Compromise

At Norcon Construction Ltd we refuse to compromise on perfection and aim to provide you with a variety of product solutions including External yard slabs, Piling and temporary piling mats, CCTV Surveys and much more.