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External Works

Here at Norcon Construction we understand that external works or civil engineering design for external areas can often be complex and sensitive. A combination of strength, durability, cost and future flexibility need to be considered. The requirements at different sites are rarely the same and so an external works design will always be bespoke. Our services in this area include:

Hard Landscaping

The hard landscaping for your home not only gives you something to build on in your garden, but it will also solve the bulk of many basic purposes- diverting water and drainage, the core of your outdoor living spaces, preventing erosion, and the very foundation you need to create a long-lasting space that brings your home value up.

Anti Skid

A hand-applied, resin-based road surfacing material designed to provide the road user with high skid resistance.

Tarmac Surfacing

At Norcon Construction Ltd we offer tarmac driveways and forecourts, each installation we carry out is to the highest possible standard. Our professional landscapers will fully prepare your area for installation prior to fitting, and include the essential drainage of water so that your driveway lasts for years and complies with all planning regulations.

White lining

Whether you require white lining for new roads or to outline parking spaces, there is no job too big or too small for our dedicated team here at Norcon Construction Ltd.


Natural stone block paving is perfect for that classic driveway look, it’s long lasting and hard wearing, and our driveway products and installations offer a sleek and completed look to any home.

Norcon employees laying concrete on a footpath in the north east.

Block & SUDS Paving

Block paving gives your property a unique and clean look that’s very easy to maintain, and will help improve the overall look and feel of your home.