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Earthworks & Excavation

Here at Norcon our experience has proven that taking the time to plan and manage a development’s earthworks will pay dividends throughout the later stages of the development. In doing so cost is  minimised and is less of an inconvenience to our clients. Our specialist commercial team, engineers and specialist plant operators are trained to appraise, advise and deliver earthwork programmes in the most efficient and timely manner.  At Norcon Construction Ltd we are constantly investing in the latest market leading solutions at the most competitive prices.  Our client’s perspective is paramount to adding value at each and every stage.

Our services in this area include:


Building pits are temporary waterproof constructions in which an excavation is executed for the realisation of an underground building structure. When enough space is available a pit can be dug under natural slope when enough space is available to do so.

Bulk Earthworks

Earthworks is one of the most critical construction tasks and one that requires careful planning and timely execution. Norcon Construction Ltd can provide all the bulk earthmoving hire services you need to prepare your construction site and get it ready for your project.

Site Clearance

Site clearance and waste disposal services offered by Norcon Construction Ltd are the ideal solutions for all variety of projects, from building site clearance to demolition to waste removal. Site clearance is an essential first step in most construction and building projects, and the success of any land development scheme usually depends on advanced preparation. Here at Norcon Construction Ltd our dedicated and expert team will provide you with everything you require at every step of your construction journey.

Soil Remediation

From importation to distribution, levelling and compaction, Norcon Construction Ltd have all the necessary resources, expertiuse and equipment to complete top soiling contracts and projects to an exceptionally high standard.

Cut & Fill Works

Cut and fill is the name for the earthworks process that requires moving earth from one place to another to make the ground more level. Cut and fill is required where a site is sloped either front to back, back to front or side to side.


At Norcon Construction Ltd we undertake the civil engineering work involved in the building of sub-structures. We are well known for dealing with not only straight forward jobs but also complex and technical projects. These can be in tight inner-city areas, brownfield spaces or large infrastructure sites across the Midlands and the North East.

Sheet Piling

Norcon Construction Ltd are able to deliver piling works at the same time as the enabling works. This benefits clients’ programmes and lowers costs. Our expert team use many forms of piling methods to retain buildings, create basements and much more.

Perimeter fencing

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of products from simple boundary fencing to complex high-security perimeter fencing. As well as our extensive range of standard products Norcon Construction LTd design and manufacturing facilities mean we are just as able to supply secure fencing and railings and gates.